Small vacation in San Diego help?

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      Starting next week Im taking a week vacation and July 16-19’th I plan on being down in the San Diego area. Im bringing both my bikes my trek 29er and my lemond road bike. Already figured out a 50 mile road bike ride for me to do and now im looking for a great trail to do. Im staying in actual Chula Vista, ive actually ridden the "home depot" trail in chula vista and figured Id do that again but also trying to see if theres any trails that someone can recomend me to try out. My skill level varies I could consider myself a intermediate, climbing isnt my strongest point being a heavier guy (230lbs), but having a bmx racing background and can handle technical sections, but nothing super DH status technical haha. The road ride I planned is pretty scenic and will be near the ocean/bay and was hoping there might be a MTB trail that has such features. Dry desert trails that are full of sand wont be to big of a wow factor for me cause all my local trails are nothing but dried grass, sand, and dead stuff. A trail that has some lush green scenery and great 7-15ish mile loop would be perfect. I hope this is enough info! Thanks in advance!!

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      Noble Canyon rocks! There are several ways down the 3000′ descent. Can be shuttled or ridden. The bottom will be much hotter, ride it early.

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