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      I’ve been riding the small block eights for 7 months now and have had over a dozen pinch flats. I’m 5’7 and weigh 160. The last one, I had 35 pounds of air when it went. I’ve tried everything except riding slower. I do tend to ride a little hard and a little beyond my skill level. My ride is a Giant Revel. I was told to try spin skins, but most riders I have talked to say get rid of the tires.

      As of now I carry extra tubes one in my pack, several in the truck.
      Please help,

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      I run sb 8s on one of my ht 29ers. Are you on 26 Or 29 in wheels? I’ve had no flat issues on my rig and I weigh a bit more than you do. If you don’t want to get new tires you are probably going to have to just break down and run higher tire pressure.

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      I just started running a Small block 8 a month or so ago,didn’t have any issues till a week or so ago when I got a flat when I hadn’t had a flat since season before last,now I’ve had three flats…Hmmmmmm,,I’m gonna have to inspect the tire tube and wheel…I ru 💡 n a tube set up by ..way and

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