Skinnies on a 29er

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      I know that sounds like an oxymoron, but here’s the set up and here’s what I’m after.

      I have a a 29er bike using WTB’s LaserDisc Trail 29er wheels. I’ve got a road ride coming up and I’m looking to mount the skinniest tires I can on the wheels. As long as they hold up for 100 miles or so, I’ll be happy. Right now, I’m using a set of WTB Vulpine 29er tires for hard pack / road usage and they’re nice, but I want to go as light and narrow as possible for this upcoming ride.

      I’ve heard rumors that the advertised 27-millimeter width and the rim diameter will allow me to mount a 700C tire of maybe 32mm – 35mm cross section on the wheel. Somehow, this does not sound right.

      Anyone have any experience with this type of set-up? If not a 700C, is there something narrower than the Vulpine?

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      First, consult the master, Sheldon Brown:

      If I read that correctly a wide 700c should fit on your 29’er rims.

      Bontrager has some killer urban tires, I have the Comfort Hardcase 1.5" on my 26" work commuter. I can pump them up to 85 lbs and thus far they have been impervious to broken glass and goatheads.

      For 700c, these look good in the 38c hardcase plus model:

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      Many thanks, MaddSlacker!

      The price on the Bontragers sounds about what I’m willing to spend and their rep sounds good. Let me do some local research and see who carries them in my area.

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      Any LBS that is a Trek dealer will either have them or be able to order them for you.

      I found all this info looking for 24" aggressive off-road tires for my daughter’s Hotrock. Bontrager has the best choice there too.

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