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      Greetings. I did a search on the forum for size 15 shoes and didn’t find anything. I apologize if this has been covered before.

      I’m new to the activity, but not to having large feet. I’m picking up MTB relatively late in life and have (again) run into the dreaded large footed issue – they don’t make them in my size.

      I understand it’s ideal to go with an actual MTB shoe, such as offerings from 5.10. However they stop at a size 14 which is totally not going to cut it.

      I’ve recently purchased my first (in life!) pair of skate shoes: a pair of DC shoes that actually come in my size (and even up to 17!) While not the ideal shoe, this is my weapon of choice so far. It’s the only game in town.


      Questions to the boards:

      1. Is anyone aware of a platform/flat bottom shoe for mountain biking in a size 15? (preferably at a manageable cost, but I understand I’m looking for a unicorn here)
      2. Does anyone have ideas/experience in stiffening a skate shoe?


      My choice besides riding w/ the family would be singletrack, flowy trails, not a big fan of jumps (yet) and have been athletic my entire life (track in the late ’70s, LaX/Soccer/Swimming were my all-star sports in the ’80s, Martial Arts and weight training in the ’90s, moving to MTB now in the late 2010s) If it matters, riding 29+

      Thanks for your help, folks.

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      Giro has their signature Aaron Gwin shoes in 15. Flat or clipless.

      Here’s a link:

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      You owe me a beer.

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        You owe me a beer.

        Where can I fax it?

        Bit of an update:

        I did pick up a pair of Giro Rumble Vr MTB Shoes at Amazon as I did find them in a size 50. They are set for clipless, but the bottoms do appear to be reasonably flat enough to try occasionaly . . . but the big bonus is when I do transition to clipless (not for a while) I’ll already have the shoe in my size. Also, they were (at the time) under $100. The Giro Chamber II looks like a great shoe – does anyone have first hand experience with it in a larger size?

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      I don’t use bike shoes.   I use stiff soled low-top hiking shoes with flat pedals.  My adult son uses stiff soled basketball shoes with flat pedals.  Not all hiking shoes or basketball shoes have stiff soles.  You do have to shop around some for the versions with stiff soles.

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      Thank you for the advice w/ the non-biking shoes! I’ll do some checking because it’s always good to have an “in case of emergency break open glass” option.

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      They are not totally flat, but I use and love Sketcher Vigor 2.0 Traits. You might do a search for them. The largest I can find are 14 wide  Here is a link

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        That’s two beers I owe you!

        I’ve already picked up a pair of DC shoes (didn’t commit the style to memory) but they do have flat soles. There’s a pair of Giro’s that should arrive today. We’ll see how they do.

        Thanks again!

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      Yeah, man. I completely get what you mean. Unfortunately, this is how the market works; The board is always thinking about profit and, infrequent instances, about minorities (in this case, us with large foot issues).

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      Late here but def go w/ an mtb-brand if you can – even Vans cool as they are and especially most other reguarl “sports” shoes just do not have the strength and built-for-pins rubber that even crappier / cheap mtb shoes have. Good luck and stick w/ mtb-specific brands if you can or you’ll be replacing them often.

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