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      Many Singletracks Topo maps are outdated or incomplete. Is there a process for improving this? Can members/users contribute?

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      You bet Jacob, anyone can contribute map data! Just click the “Add to this trail” dropdown button and select “Add map data.” Here you can upload a GPX file and we’ll do our best to incorporate the updates.

      If you use Strava, you can link your Strava account to Singletracks to automatically share your GPX data every time you ride a new trail.

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        Thanks Jeff, why can’t I find that drop down button? Is it on an open Topo map in the app? Secondly, if I am connected to Strava will the data automatically upload to you?

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        Unfortunately there’s no way to upload GPX data in the app. The “Add to this trail” button is only available on the website, though it is mobile friendly. Look for the button near the top-right side of the page.

        With the Strava connection, everything happens automatically once your accounts are linked so there’s no need to use the Singletracks app or website.

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        Great thanks Jeff. I have connected Strava and my recent rides at Vietnam has been imported. Can I assume the maps will now be automatically updated or is there something else I must do? Also, the parking area provided in the app is not ideal as it is a distance away from the trail and access from here is not intuitive. The most commonly used and most accessible and user friendly parking area is at the Adams Street trail head @ 388 Adams St, Holliston, MA 01746-1404, United States. From here you can directly access the entire trail system. Is it possible to update this parking info please?

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      Each GPS data submission is reviewed by hand and cleaned up, categorized, etc. As a part of that review, we’ll also try to mark (new) trailheads based on where the ride appears to have started/ended. It may take a few days before GPS data is reviewed and integrated–unfortunately we run a pretty steady backlog…

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        Understood. Thank you Jeff. I will keep adding until Vietnam is up to date.

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      I must be missing something or I am simply a half wit.    I’m trying to do the same but I can’t find “add to this trail” button or drop down menu.

      Can I use my iPhone to do this or do I have to log into Strava and then log into Singletracks to sink it?

      Please help as I’m about to chuck my iPhone out of a moving car.

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      The button should be there on the phone. The problem is if you’re on an iPhone, there really isn’t a way to upload GPX files since the phone doesn’t have a file system you can access. (Maybe Android does?)

      To sync your accounts, you go to this page, click the blue “Connect to Strava” button, then login to Strava and grant permissions. Do this once and you’re set for all your future rides!

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