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      Just in case anyone missed the announcement, we’re knocking $10 off all Pro memberships this week. This will be our only membership sale this year.

      Singletracks is mostly ad-supported, but we also rely on Pro membership sales to help us pay our writers and contributors. If you’re enjoying the content we produce (or if you’re just feeling guilty for running ad blocker 🙂 ), consider purchasing a Pro membership this week.

      Thank you!

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      I purchased a yearly Pro subscription.  Does this get rid of the ads on my phone app (Android)?  Really would rather not have my phone constantly reaching out to fetch useless data.

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      Is there a problem with the payment system?  I have tried three different attempts over the weekend to upgrade.  I get no confirmation emails, and the account still doesn’t show upgraded.  I hope I don’t get charged three times!

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      @kaitylynn, sorry–the ads will still show up in the free app, though you will have access to the topo maps. If you want to get the paid, ad-free app, let me know and I can refund that portion of your subscription.

      , did you try to pay using the credit card form on our site, or PayPal? Let me know the name on the card or Paypal account and I can look into this.

Viewing 3 reply threads

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