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      We’re planning to do a Facebook Live discussion soon and are looking for questions to answer on air. What do you want to know about Singletracks or mountain biking in general?

      Of course we’ll take questions and comments during the live stream, but we also want to have a few questions lined up to get us started. Depending on what comes up, we’ll also address certain questions in future podcasts and articles.

      So c’mon–what do you want to know but you’ve always been too afraid to ask?

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      ~In your opinions the top 3 threats to mountain biking in the US and the measures/actions needed to counter those threats?

      ~What qualities make a trail “Epic?”

      ~Does classism exist in mountain biking and are the bike manufacturers responsible?

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      Great questions! The first one is particularly interesting…

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      Somehow I added 3 trails to the list of trails I have ridden. I has since ridden others but can not find how to add them to my list. Can anyone direct me as to how I add trails to my ridden Trails? Thanks.

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      On any trail page, click the “Add to my trails” link.

      You can also add trails to your list by checking in with the free app.

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