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      This Forum is probably my favorite place on the entire website. Not only does it give me the freedom and opportunity to seek answers I am looking for regarding my bike and different components but, it’s what I learn and glean from many others who are here. I know I have personally picked up some tips and ideas by reading other folk’s questions and also their vast, deep experienced answers or suggestions. It’s really neat to see folks asking more and more questions because it’s becoming known I believe that one can really get a viable, real answer to what they seek.

      Another aspect I enjoy is having the incredible wealth of knowledge among Jeff, Greg, and Aaron to name a few. It’s like just grab a bar stool, pop a top and pull right up beside you to have the discussion. I like that. Makes this site even more personal and appealing.

      Thanks to all who’ve allowed me to learn so much by piggy backing on your questions and suggestions!


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      Well said Ken.  I think many of us hold the same opinion about Singletracks and its team (and also fellow users).  It’s good to publicly acknowledge them from time to time.  The Singletracks team deserves the recognition, and I’m sure they like anyone else in life benefit from a little appreciation now and then.

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      Thanks guys! Getting me right in the feels 🙂 I needed that this morning.

      I’d love to share a virtual beer and chat with y’all any day! Here’s one of my latest pints, an Old Ale just added to the tap list at Hubbub, a new local brewery:

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      Cheers fellas!

      Anyone tried Alpine Beer Co.’s Windows Up IPA? A friend got me a six pack for loaning him a bike recently and I was blown away. The logo on the label looks like bad clip art but this beer is legit. I believe they are out of California…

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      I sure haven’t Jeff. And what’s a California brew doing all the way out here in the little ole South anyways? hahaha

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      Jeff, and greg, because of all your posts, articles, forums etc. we learn so much. I am sure there are many people like me out there, we need help so we reach out and read forums and we learn a whole bunch. Thanks again!

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