Singletrack trails at near Ketchikan, Alaska worth riding?

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      I’ll be doing a cruise to Alaska later this year, and was curious if anyone has been on the trails, near Ketchikan, Alaska?

      The tour company is for $90 to get bike and bike rack. I would need to rent a car also, or have them drive me. To have them drive me, it would be $250. So, I’m wondering if it would be better to do something else, or if the trails near there are just beyond fabulous.

      So, anyone who has had experience with those trails, please let me know.

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      I had the same issue a few years ago when my wife and I took an Alaskan cruise. I posted looking for insights about riding trails while in Alaska, but no one was able to help. I cut my losses and just enjoyed Alaska. Ketchikan was my favorite stop on the cruise. It is a beautiful area. We ended up going on a bear watching tour, sampling the local food (ALOT), and checking out the local Klinkit artwork.

      If you are into hiking and you are making a stop in Skagway check out the Chilcoot trail. It is a little way out of town and you’d have to hitch a ride, but the views are worth it.

      As for biking, I don’t know if you are leaving from Washington or Vancouver. If your port is Vancouver spend a day there and rent a bike. Stanley Park has many miles of trails (some paved), and you are not far from Whistler.

      Have a great trip!

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      Thanks. We’re leaving from Washington. I’m not sure if we are stopping in BC. I didn’t think about Whistler. we’ll be up there around Memorial day week. So, that may be an option to. I’m leaning on just not biking and doing the other stuff. I can’t seem to find any good singletrack maps of the area to make a decision. I’ll have to check out those areas and see if it would be good for just a hike instead.

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