Single Speed and Single Chain Ring, WHY?

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      :?: Why would someone want a "Single Speed" MTB, LOL, I know that I can usually use "more gears" than I have, I’m amazed that some riders climb hills and ride with a "single speed" 😮 I can see a SS for say local commuting and velodrome work but MTB’s 😕

      I’ve noticed that the new SHRAM (sp?) XX group only has a double chainwheel crank, is that cause of having a 10 speed (10 cog cluster to work with??) LOL, I basicly spent more funds than I should have for the Jamis Trail-X 3.0 over the 2.0 version for Disc Brakes and that lovely tiny "22 tooth chainwheel", for the granny gears 😉 Gads I must be a TOTAL WHIMP, wussy boy, if you all are doing singletrack on a SS or Single chainwheel MTB. I mean don’t ya have to "PEDAL" up the massive, narly hillside to be able to BOMB downhill? 😄

      When I was a kid, (ya, ya back when the dinosaur’s roamed the earth), we’d take Schwinn American Ballon Tire bikes, bob the (cut short) the fenders and Bomb down the steep hills of the westside of Colorado Springs, CO. (Them Cali boys thought they started Off-Road Bicycles, HA! 😼 ), and even that bike had a "2-speed" hub"! So doing XC on a SS seems, well slightly crazy and if you guys/gals keep doing this, there going to expect a old FAT GUY like ME to live without a triple 😬

      If this maddnes keeps up I’ll have to change my login name to WUSSY BOY MTB Rider 😳

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      The SS ride was more enjoyable than I would have expected. I swapped bikes for a ride with a buddy who has one and it was actually kinda neat. Makes you feel like the old days when you were a kid and that was the ONLY kind of bike you had. You definitely work harder because most of the ride is "out of the seat." But you actually get used to it pretty quickly. You have to keep your momentum up over EVERYTHING though, and I can’t imagine doing really technical singletrack with one of those bikes. Slow bumps are NOT easy on an SS! You also lose the ability to go as fast on the downhill sections unless you sacrifice your climbs and change the gear ratio to something much higher. All in all, I was pretty surprised as to what I was able to ride on his hardtail 29er SS. Not my cup of tea for an everyday bike but a fun secondary means of transportation for sure.

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