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      Over the years I’ve used Hoppes and Birchwood Casey brand silicone gun and reel cloths on various sporting equipment. Being a maintenance freak with much of my finer gear, yesterday I detail cleaned my bike. The paint is what I call “stealth” black. After is was clean, on a whim, I wiped it down with an old silicone cloth. Whoa! She looks gooood. The silicone cloth is designed to clean and protect. It works great on the whole bike (except the discs, obviously) and leaves a beautiful, dry surface that shouldn’t attract dirt.

      Silicone cloth is cheap and available at sporting goods stores or online. Maybe someone else in the MTB world will find them useful too.

      Gun and Reel Cloth

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      BTW, I know it will be dirty again after about 5 minutes of trail, lol.



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