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      So, I am a biker out of the bay area and quite often ride the flow trails of Santa Cruz. If you ride these trails you know there is a 4+ mile climb out, after the crazy downhill and it’s not the most desirable thing.

      Do you think having some RZR’s or something of the sort, 4-6 seaters with a bike rack and offering shuttle services would be worth it? They could do it weekends, and holidays and charge 10-15 bucks a ride.

      Any comments or things that you would change?

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      Seems like a service people would use, especially in the Bay Area where a lot of people tend to have more $$ than time. 🙂 That is, assuming e-bikes aren’t already allowed on the trail.

      Getting approvals would probably be tricky, not to mention the local bike club might not be too stoked on all the extra wear and tear on the trails.

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      Yes well it is a fire trail so would that still work you think? Shouldn’t be too much wear and tear?

      On weekends and holidays there is always many people there. We could bring it up to the land owner, or manager.

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      I meant the wear and tear on the trail. Right now, riders are limited to the # of runs they can do based on their fitness and climbing speed. But if there’s a shuttle available, those same riders will probably choose to ride the flow trail multiple times in a single day. That’s not just wear and tear, it also makes the trail more crowded for everyone.

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      Yeah that’s true…! WIsh there was a way to get the best of both worlds….!  🙂   Would really like a shuttle but at the same time cluttered trails aren’t very desirable.

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