shoulder pads for warm weather

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      Anybody have experience with low profile / small / light shoulder pads for trail riding.  I have shoulder issues and am looking for minimal protection that is wearable in summer.  I have a 666 assault suit that is fine in cooler environments but brutal in the summer.  Been looking at hockey / lacrosse type pads but really know nothing about them.  Thanks

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      I assume you mean 661, have you looked at their Evo short sleeve jacket.



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      Is it both shoulders, if just one EVS has a single side brace and pad.


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      Thanks Alvin, I’m open to all suggestions!  Right now its just the one shoulder, but just a matter of time till I clip one with the other.  Need to work on being a better rider really.


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      I just, by accident, coincidence, just ran across this.

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      Thanks again!


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