Should I Upgrade My Fork???

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      I primarily ride XC in northern AL. There is a very good mix or trails in my area, ranging from fact smooth tracks with few rocks to slower technical tracks with large rocks and everything in between. My primary stop (Monte Sano State Park) has just about everything you could think of besides FR, but there is a park locally that has plenty of that. My bike is a ’09 Specialized Hardrock Disc. The fork is a SR Suntour SF8-XCT-V2 with 80mm of travel. Everyone I talk to speaks highly of the Hardrocks, but states that the fork is the achilles heal of the bike.

      I want to replace the fork, but I really don’t see the point in spending as much on the fork as I did on the bike, This is especially true given that I will probably move to a full suspension bike in the next two years or so (gotta save up to apease the wife).

      My question is, what kind of suspension travel should I be looking at and what models would take some abuse? My planned budget is under $300. If I can’t find anything in that range, I will just keep using the bike as it is now and push up my purchase timeframe for my new bike.

      FYI-This is the bike that I plan to upgrade to, … 122&eid=95

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      I’m not an expert in forks, but my suggestions is this: if your fork is doing everything you need it to, why spend the money?

      I read a lot of bad reviews for the fork on my entry level bike (GT avalanche) but it performs well on the technical XC trails I ride. If it breaks or I feel it cannot keep up with my riding, I’ll replace it.

      Bottom line: Don’t replace it just because of reviews or what you hear about it, only replace it if you feel you need to.

      Just my opinion, you will get more expert analysis soon enough.

      Take care,

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      Funny, we were just having this discussion on another thread…

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