Should I buy this 2003 Jamis Dakar?

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      This is my first FS bike so I’m mainly wondering what to inspect when I go take a look. Is 12 years just too much for a (this) frame? Any help appreciated!

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      First off, I’m not a fan of the Dakar. I almost bought one when I first got into riding but it had terrible pedal bob and that was with a good shock. I rode another Dakar owned by a riding buddy and it did the same damned thing. The two I rode just planted the seeds, watered and lovingly grew pedal bob. In fairness, the buddy I borrowed the bike from didn’t feel the same about it at all and enjoyed his bike.

      That being said, the parts list on that thing is worth more than he’s asking for the bike. The very worst you could do is buy it and if you don’t like the frame, pick up another at your convenience and move the parts over.

      I’d go for it.

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      Thanks schwim. That’s what I thought – about the upgrades. Unless they’re just totally worn out, damaged, etc. it looks like a decent buy.

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      Don’t buy it, way to old, and some of the parts will be irreplaceable because of its age. Look into something else. 😢 The knew ones are way better

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