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      I just purchased some CB mallets to try out clip-less and I am looking into buying some shoes. I was wondering if anyone knows some good shoes that will work well with these pedals. Will any old clip-less shoes work just fine?


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      pretty much anything works. I use mallets with adidas shoes and just got serfas shoes for more of a bike/hike shoe. both work great.

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      check out the Shimano MP66w shoes [url:2ck2z9j2][/url:2ck2z9j2] best of both worlds and not too bad on the price either, as soon as i get the money i will be getting these i just got thee CB Mallet 2 pedals to.

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      if youre looking for shoe brand recc’s i tried out northwaves that i found on chainlove for cheap. I really like them, nice wide toebox and work great with my mallets, acids and candys

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      Thanks for the suggestions guys. I had read that tread/lugs on some shoes needed to be ground down to facilitate easy entrance and exit form the mallets. I ordered some Pearl iZUMi X-Alp Drift shoes. They look like they should work pretty well.

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