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      So I’m trying to get my dad an upgraded pair of clipless for his MTB(he still uses his the straps on his pedals…) and it just so happens that my neighbor bought a pair of speedplay frogs and decided he didnt like them, so i snatched them up from him. now onto my problem, see i need to get shoes, i know which ones, but you know the little metal plate that goes on the inside of the SPD shoes to hold the cleat into place? well where do i get one? or do they just come with the shoes? i bought my shoes from a friend who assembled everything for me…so im pretty clues less. i hope someone knows what im talking about, its the little metal plates that goes on the inside of the shoe and you screw the cleat into…


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      if your talking about the plate that you screw the screws into on the bottom of the shoes, thats usually built into the shoe.

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      Do the bottoms of his shoes look something like this? It’s a pretty standard mt bike sole. Like Trailrider247 I am a little confused as to which part you are missing. Normally the cleat will have two screws that go into 2 of those four holes you see near the ball of the shoe. Those usually adjust front and back to allow you to center the cleat properly.


      This is the actual cleat for the Frogs, you can buy these at most places that sell Speedplay pedals. I found this pic at if you are looking for an online source.

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      what im looking for is the part on the inside of the shoe, under the sole that contains the 4 holes.

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      Not sure who makes your shoes but Shimano makes a replacement for theirs.



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      YES that’s what I’m looking for!

      i looked all over jensonUSA or so i thought…and couldnt find it

      do any of you have experience with the Speed play frogs? my dad is a mostly road guy, and i heard that these are great for that.

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      You can a cleat plate at most LBS, just ask. I had to get a replacement (stripped out!) last year.
      pull out the insole and there should be a flap to pull up to get the plate out.

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