Shimano vs SRAM

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      I am mainly a shimano guy but…… Here are my stats.

      Shifters: SLX
      crankset: SLX 22-36-Bashgaurd
      front derailleur: XT
      rear derailleur: XTR 9 speed
      cassette: SLX 11-34
      brakes: BB7’s
      chain: SRAM 😏 Only because of the power link.

      I was just curious what brands and models you guys use.

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      "dozzerboy" wrote

      chain: SRAM 😏 Only because of the power link.

      Just so you know, that same powerlink works just fine on KMC and Shimano chains. I’ve used it on both.

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      Thanks. What is your set-up maddslacker?

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      Shimano, except for the KMC chain I just got.

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      shimano xt shifters, front and rear derailleurs. Hope breaks.

      I have always used shimano, i have some friends who use Sram and they like them

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      "pinkmtb" wrote

      …Hope breaks.

      I’ll stay away from those then. I prefer stuff that doesn’t break… 😆

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      "maddslacker" wrote

      [quote="pinkmtb":4oglohye]…Hope breaks.

      I’ll stay away from those then. I prefer stuff that doesn’t break… 😆[/quote:4oglohye]

      I have already given up hope. 😆 😆 😆 😆

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      Oh No, i misspelled Breaks! Sorry

      I have Hope brakes. I love em’

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      Full SRAM drive train on all my bikes.

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      Complete SRAM X0, except for XTR crankset and HOPE brakes. LOVE it………..

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      I’ve been much more impressed with Sram as a whole. The high end stuff from both companies works really well, but the mid and lower end Sram is more reliable than similar Shimano.

      X9 is probably the best performance/dollar value you can find anywhere.

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      I was just curious what brands and models you guys use.

      Shimano Deore XT Crank set,Front rings,,,22-32 e-thirteen bashgaurd
      Sram PG 980 11-34 Cassette
      Rear derailer,,,shimano XTR
      Front derailer Shimano Deore LX
      Avid Juicy 7 with front rotor 203 mm,rear rotor 185 mm
      Shimano Deore LX Shifters
      Sram PC 991 chain

      Except for the chain,bashgaurd and cassette the rest is stock that came with the bike out of the box.

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      My new Banshee DH bike is rocking:
      A Sram 1×10 setup

      XO Rear Derailleur (short cage) & Shifter
      PG1080 cassette & PG1091 chain
      new Descendant Cranks e*thirteen SRS+
      Formula the ONE brakes
      Easton Havoc DH wheels

      My New Opus Clutch trail bike

      All Sram 2X10 X9 set up (mid cage derailleur)
      X9 Brakes (Avid Elixir CR)
      PG 1050 cassette & PG 1091 Chain
      Easton Haven wheels or Havoc AM

      My Opus Nelson FR:

      Sram (2010) X9 (1X9) rear derailleur and shifter
      RaceFace Respond Cranks
      Formula RX brakes
      Mavic SX or SunRingle Charger Pro

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      I ride a single speed so….neither. Well, I do have Shimano XT cranks.

      KMC chain
      Surly stainless steel chainring
      Surly stainless steel rear cog

      For races/days in the mtns I swap to an aluminum Homebrew Components rear cog.

      I’ll be putting an aluminum HBC chainring on once I take the time to shortern my chainring bolts a bit.

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      XT everything on my rigid. deora on my FS with 6 piston Gadorbrakes. I have new avid disk just have not put them on yet. Also what to you guys think about running two chain rings up front instead of two. And if you do run two witch rings teeth wise.

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      You’re in GA right?

      I would go with small and middle chainrings. Like a 22-32 or 22-36 set-up.

      I run a 22-36 set-up and love it.

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      I personally ran a 24-36 bash with my old RaceFace Atlas cranks…Before running the new 2×10 sram X9 (26-39)….

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