Shimano Manual disc brakes

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      i have an 03 hard rock pro disc and the rotors are rubbing with the pads i cant figure out how to adjust the brakes so that this doesnt happen. any suggestions. thanks

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      The caliper mountings may need to be faced (sanded), or you may need either spacers or different ones if there’s already some on there.
      What is the Shimano part # for your disc brakes?

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      If the disc is rubbing on one pad, I would say you could loosen the two hex screws that hold the brake system in place and slightly move the entire brake mechanism in or out a tad, spin the tire and figure out where they stop rubbing. Check for rubbing when tightening everything up again too. This worked for me and haven’t had to do it more than once. Also make sure the wheel is locked in good and straight.

      If it only rubs for a second when you spin the tire, the above could help too, but it would be easier to just bend the disc brake a bit with your hand. They do make a tool for this, but I’m just saying this has worked for me too.

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