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      I’m having a problem shifting to the big ring up front. I almost always keep it in the middle ring, and will only ocassionally shift to the granny gear for tough climbs. But when I try to shift to the big ring (if I’m on the road), it never works. When I look down at the front derailleur, I see two screws on top that I’m guessing are for adjustments (or at least one of them is). Will that help? Thanks for the advice!

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      One of the screws adjusts your cage in and out when it’s on the small front cog. The other adjusts the cage when it’s on the large cog. Usually they are labeled "L" and "H" but it depends on which model you have to know which one does what. You can normally figure it out by just looking at it if you don’t have the directions. If not, we can look up your model online.

      You may also need to adjust the cable as they do stretch a bit.

      Before I go further into a"how to" on adjusting your front derailluer, can you tell me exactly what it is doing when you try to shift up into the large cog? Does the cage move at all? Does it make noise? What’s the noise sound like? Does the chain even try to move or no? When you try to shift, do you feel like you are having to use more force than usual?

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      The cage does move over when I shift. When I look down it seems like the chain is partially on the large cog near the rear, but it never fully takes. As far as sound goes, it sounds like grinding. I hope that helps.

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      Shift to granny on the front and check if there is any slack in the cable.

      If there is, start by taking out the slack in the cable.

      If not, try increasing the high limit first (usually marked H but sometimes reversed) to allow the cage to move further. If that doesn’t get it, try increasing the tension slightly on the cable either with the barrel adjuster or by loosening the cable clamp (with the derailleur on the granny gear) and pulling on the cable.

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      Try this resource: [url:2tory8n4][/url:2tory8n4]

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