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      I just converted my MTB to a hybrid one. Thinner wheels and smooth tires of road bikes and rigid fork. Don’t know if this is a good idea but been using my bike for commuting and sometimes, loving the speed so that’s the reason. Anyone here made the same build? OR any suggestions on what a Hybrid MTB must have.

      Also, I’m planning to buy some good quality bike rack and my friend from NY suggested this one cause I have Subaru Ascent 2018.

      Pls guide me here, don’t want to waste any penny on this. (for what it’s worth, we have 4 bikes – 2 roadbikes and 2 mtb (1 this hybrid prject)

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      I recommend a tray style every time for a couple of reasons:  First they secure the bike better.  My daughter lost her bike off of a frame hanger style rack, whereas the tray style are very secure.  Second, they don’t grab the painted surfaces they grab the tires. The tires withstand the grip while bouncing down the road without scratching the paint (or worse, wearing through carbon).  A car carrier needs to secure your bike investment.

      If you are taking two bikes at a time, the money will be about the same.  If you need a 4 bike tray it will cost a little more.  In this case the quality of a product will be remembered long after the price is forgotten.

      I have a two-tray Thule that I love.  I have heard good things about other brands too.  But don’t skimp.  My daughter’s bike was completely destroyed and she had a hard time finding a bike in the 2020 bike shortage.

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      I agree with Texmex.  If your four bikes are worth a few thousand dollars each, you could easily have $10,000+ worth of bikes setting on your rack.  A cheap rack is no place for valuable bikes.  Hitch mount tray racks are very easy to use and secure bikes very well.  Once you buy one, you could have it for 30+ years.  Think of it as a long term investment.

      Especially for a 4 bike tray rack, look for a tray rack that has a very high ground clearance.  It’s easy for a long rack to scrape the ground when going through dips.  I have a 4 bike tray rack and I have added a hitch adapter that raises my hitch about 10 inches so that I don’t scrape.

      Be aware that the hanging style of rack you are considering may not work with most full-suspension bikes.  Frequently the shock is in the way for a hanging style rack.

      If you do decide to buy a hanging style rack, you can find other brands that cost much much less than the Subaru hanging rack.

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