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      can you put a sram derailer on if you have shimano shifters?

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      Greetings and Welcome to singletracks.

      For rear derailleurs. The quick answer to your question is no.

      Current SRAM rear derailleurs use a 1:1 actuation ratio (cable pull at shifter:cable pull at derailluer). Shimano rear derailleurs use a 2:1 ratio.

      Shimano and SRAM Front derailleurs are totally compatible/interchangeable.

      A more detailed answer is that SRAM still makes an MRX rear derailleur that is shimano shifter compatible. Generally you will find MRX on kids bikes and very entry level department store bikes. SRAM has made Shimano compatible shifters for a long time under the model names "attack" "rocket" and "centera"

      Somewhere back in the cobwebs I seem to remember a non ESP higher end rear derailleur before the current X- naming convention. Gripshift something or other maybe 6.0?? 4.0?? 1998/1999 timeframe somplace? Google is failing me at the moment. I could be totally mistaken on this part.

      Hope this helps


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