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      If you find a good deal on MTB gear somewhere, share the link here!

      If you’re always on the lookout for a good deal, just subscribe to this thread to get an email whenever there’s a new post.

      I’ll start:

      50% off Specialized 2FO Clip Mountain Bike Shoes. These are flat shoes but you can also run a cleat if you like. They seem to be pretty limited on the larger sizes, but you might get lucky!

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      Niner RIP 9 frame and fork combo. $700 off. Wish this was going on when I was building my bike last fall.

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      This thread intended for MTB gear/parts, or complete bikes as well?  If complete bikes, then…

      For those comfortable with consumer direct bike purchases, Whyte has a few 2017 models left (limited sizes and quantities).

      T-130 Carbon Works, was $6499, now $4550.

      T-130 RS, was $3799, now $2660.

      T-129 RS, was $3799, now $2660.

      T-129 S, was $3199, now $2240.

      G-160 Works, was $5999, now $4199.

      USD, by the way.  No additional shipping cost, no tax outside of California.


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      Believe it or not, I bought a pair of mountain bike shorts off the Wish app.  For $17 I figured the worst that could happen is would be I was out $17.  They are actually constructed fairly well, the fabric is quick drying and I guessed the size perfectly.  I don’t have a ton of miles on them yet, but they seem made for the task.

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      Bike depot uk.  Discount plus tax(20%).

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      I’ve been hesitant to post deals before (out of concern about advertising conflicts). I’ll be sure to share any new ones I find!

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      For those in the market for a new bike Jenson has some pretty decent deals:

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      ZOIC gives a 20% discount on the purchase of one item each time you submit a review of their clothing. No limit on the number of submissions you can present.

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      I just found out this company is it the town next to me… Wow

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      It’s that time of year for all the bike parks and demo outfits.

      Here is a North Lake Tahoe bike shop that is selling off its demo fleet.





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        2018 Whyte bikes starting to go on their year end sale.  Whyte USA, by the way.  Not sure about U.K.

        Yeah, I know… I’m Whyte biased.  Just a very happy owner.

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      Shimano GR7 shoes for $82.00 from ProBikeKit. List price is $130. UK company but they ship worldwide. Just takes a bit longer to get stuff but I’ll post how long the wait is….


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      on one and probably planet x have good deal on 140mm recons both qr and 15mm thru (by the looks of it)

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      Gotta check out those links

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      me too wanna see

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      On-One Bootzipper 650b: £499.99

      This is the bike I wish I knew I wanted 3 years ago. Steel XC bike.

      No suspension but that is easily changed. I already have two bikes in this niche but this one is much better.


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