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      Full disclosure… Know very high level about mountain biking but am conducting a research project sponsored by Western Washington University on what mountain bike riders value in their bikes. Have created an anonymous survey for anyone that wants to help out a struggling student!

      If not no worries just know I’ll be thinking about how you contributed to my poor grade Smile
      Ride on.

      Should take about 5 mins or less.

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      I intend the following comments to be helpful and supportive to you though they are pointing out some apparent issues with your survey.  Honestly, I started the survey and stopped. The questions did not represent me and pushed me into positions that did not represent me.  For example, do you shop alone or with others?  I clearly do both rather equally and cannot tell which would be more (plus the question was written in the absolute not normative, meaning it one or the other, not more or less).  So ultimately the question was framed in such away that it will inherently misrepresent your population to some degree.  The next question was the same issue.  Do I shop for wheels online or at a store?  Again, no option for both, which I do.  And maybe someone taking your survey hasn’t shopped for wheels and rims at all yet.  They would need an option of neither.  You might consider taking a step back and rethink the wording of your questions or possible answers.

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      Interesting set of questions indeed, as per above post.  I take a lot of surveys in my field and I find that some are trying to tell me something rather than ask my opinion.  Just sayin’.

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