Settled on Horst Linkage?

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      I’m in the market for a FS frame that sort of can bridge XC-AM. I’ve ridden FSR type, Virtual, single pivot, and modified 4 bar setups and pretty much have decided on the Horst Link type frame, however some high end builders use variations to eliminate bob and I was hoping for some feedback.

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      Specialized Brain is the same FSR linkage that they use on all of their bikes with a fancy shock. I have a slew of time on FSR bikes and they have clear problem. By the time you get the pedal damping cranked up enough to clean up the pedaling, you lose all of the plush performance that makes FSR great. The brain shock attempts to read the trail and adjust this automagically for you. Personally, I don’t like automagic. Mostly because it breaks. If you are partial to the performance of FSR I would go with the Brain. Equilink and ITC have different axle paths from FSR

      Equilink and ITC are both linear travel axle paths. The huge advantage of linear axle paths is that you are dependent upon neither chain tension nor pedal damping to eliminate bob. The PCA on my Astrix Styke is linear. For straight non-technical pedaling, I love it. Equilink looks really snazzy but it is still relatively new to the scene. Before I purchased anything with Equilink I would let some other suckers work the kinks out. ITC has been around for a while and has a reputation for lasting. If am going to shell out a bunch of dough for new frame, it’ll probably be an Ellsworth.

      Personally, I am Faux Bar guy myself. Not that I dispute the increased performance of any of the designs, I just find them not to be worth the extra money.

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