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      Should I…Go for the Gusto or be Realistic ?

      option 1 (Gusto) Stumpjumper S-Works Carbon Frame (2,800k and may get a better deal than that) and build with my own components (which are good)

      option 2 (Realistic) Stumpjumper Expert fully built (2100k)

      p.s. I would need new cranks $400 and a front shock $700 for the S-Works

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      I vote realistic… but then again, I’ve always been something of a realist.

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      But the S-Works is such a [email protected] bike its hard not to seriously consider it…

      either decision will put me in the dog house with the wifey 😆

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      Id go for #2 also-

      that way you have something ready to ride while inside the dog house 😃

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      Yeah, yall are prolly right its too much coin and she would wants to re paint the house, buy a new china cabinet, and remove a tree in the back yard 😮 all within this month…two words: not happening 😆

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      I say option 2. That way you can tke the money you dont spend on the S-works (which is totally awesome) and spend it on her to make feel better after you tell her abou the bike. I also like the idea about having something to ride while in the dog house. And carbon is no the greatest when it comes to jumping stuff anf gnarly terrain. Not because it couldn’t take the stresses of riding, but it couldn’t take the stresses of whenever crashes and smashes on that boulder, tree, root, etc. A carbon bike is built to resist stress in one direction, on a bike it vertical stresses it made to handle. But when you apply a force that is, say for example, it falling over on it side and then the fibers break from that direct hit on the rear triangle from slamming into a tree.

      Now im not saying that you are bad, clumsy rider. Rather I’m saying what about when go for that rock garden you wanna try and you just got the nerve to do it but your front wheel gets caught half way thru and you double over your handle bars. Crack…there goes your 2800 dollar frame.

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      As far as durability and strength for jumps with carbon there shouldn’t be a problem.. more of a stigma against it. If you fall and you slam an aluminum bike off a rock garden it probably won’t come out clean.

      Here’s a link to what brian lopes has to say about his carbon bike then check out the events link to see what hes won on a downhill carbon bike.

      My buddy road this bike all season with zero problems and lots of abuse(that is till he drove it into his garage on top of his car) Not sure how the 2 companies compare head to head. Just an example for you I’m more familiar with.

      As far as which bike I would choose Id have to go with 2 as well based on price alone but if you have the cash and like the flash go for option 1!!

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      I say option #3, You buy me a new bike and I’ll tell you all about my rides! 😃

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      $2100 is pretty good for an expert stumpjumper.I went with the 2007 elite stumpjumper,although if Yeti was building the asr-7 ($4700)I would have bought it at the time.So a part of me is sayin to go for the gusto,although like I said,that’s a pretty good deal on the expert.Tough decision dude,I’ll give ya that one.

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      I will take whats behind door number two please…

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      "brianW" wrote

      I say option #3, You buy me a new bike and I’ll tell you all about my rides! 😃

      Thanks but no thanks 😆 thats why I subscribe to a mountain bike magazine

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      Go realistic, I think you will end up much happier in the end…

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      Well in the true democratic form, the people have spoken and option #2 is what it will be.

      thanks for the perspective

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      Don;t forget to take the left over coin and buy her something shiney that she wears and thinks of you!!!

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