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      Someone recommend me to buy frame and not a new Bike immidiately. What is better build your own bike as starter or buy like you for mountain biking. Can someone tell me is it difficult when buying new frame to place the fork on frame like Salsa frame because frame are pricing with crank and not gear because gear are for eveyone and not me. I just asking for help with buying the bike for starting mountain bike and help for someone else. I like the idea but it is also price with helping hand with forum what are better way for me as starter . I like salsa but problems are price for fork and crank for install in framework for life and security for myself. Has someone experience with that and which brake, sadle, wheel moving with crank for that is important for me so help is necessary for me byexample brand of all. I know Shimano is the best but can someone involve why Sram is also okay for life. I know it is maybe useful for normal way but for real hike i do not know so helping hand please.

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      My personal opinion is that if you are new to mountain biking (and it sounds like you might be), buy something that is already built.  By asking what parts are best for a build, you will receive an overwhelming number of responses (opinions).  And if you are new to the sport, it will just cloud things up for you.  Buy something you can afford and ride it!  As you gain experience and working knowledge, you will be better suited to make educated choices on your next bike or custom build.

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      Building up a bike from scratch is something best done by someone who knowns a lot about bikes and has a lot of experience. If I were you, I would buy a major brand bike from your local bike shop. Given the amount of money you have ($1400), a hardtail is your best bet. A Plus hardtail makes a better trailbike. While a Narrow hardtail makes a better XC Race bike. If you don’t intend to race XC, go with the Plus Hardtail.

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      I totally agree that for most people and especially for people relatively new, go for a good, solid complete bike that you have test-ridden. I’ve read multiple articles that a complete bike will be a better deal financially than a custom build. Plus, your LBS will typically offer some free maintenance after purchase. I see custom build for higher-end, experienced riders who really know their style and are looking for some final tweaks.  Or someone who’d like to tackle a custom build more as a hobby.

      If you are just getting started and need to keep the cost down, I like Plusbike Nerd advice on a good hard tail and maybe plus tires – and maybe a dropper post if you can afford. That’s a great all-around set-up to learn the sport and figure out what you really like.

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      I would also recommend buying a complete bike.
      Bike manufacturers get better deals from the components manufacturers as they buy in bulk, meaning you get much more for your money with a complete bike.

      I’d only see a custom build to make sense for someone who is very particular about what they want on their bike and is willing to pay a premium to get it.

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        Yep, unless you have firm opinions as to what components you want, and the patience and time to wait for them to come on sale, you will get absolutely nickeled and dimed to death trying to build your own bike.

        Those that build their own bikes either have a storehouse of parts to use, very firm ideas what they want where budget is no object, or some combination of the two.  For a newb, or even an intermediate rider, building your own bike would be an expensive proposition.

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      If I were you, I would also buy a branded bike from a local bike shop. But if you have the tools, skills, and knowledge for building a bike, then go for it. Take note that building up a bike from scratch may also require some experience too.

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      Ride ride ride. Think about a different bike after 3 yrs,min.

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      I am late in responding to this, but you’ve gotten great advice already.  Hopefully you have already bought a bike.  We look forward to your first trail report.


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