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      Our local park is onboard to host a race.  We have been kicking around a relay-style race and the location would offer a really good infield experience for teams.  My question is what would be a minimum lap length or time that you would find interesting? Is a shorter lap more fun because you can get cheered on more,  or do you prefer a longer solitary race?

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      I’d say a 2.5 mile lap?  What’s the set up? Singletrack?

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      It is stacked loop singletracks,  and 2.5-3 miles a lap would be really easy to do with a grass area to pass in

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      I think that will work out for you. It’s short enough that riders can go flat out for a lap. Also, I believe that will give less skilled riders a race they can run, i.e. amature, and the more talented riders something competitive to run also. Sounds like an opportunity for riders at all skill levels.

      Just my opinion.

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      Tex, have you considered a poker run?

      This link will give an overview.

      This is something that can be altered to suit your group’s needs and such, quite readily.

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      Have you plotted out a course yet?

      Maps are cool so feel free to post one up of the course.

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