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      Hi All,

      Making the pilgrimage to Sedona next week. Can anyone recommend some green, green/blue, blue (non high-consequence/drop off) trails to start off with? Of course we’ll consult the appropriate mtb apps and trail maps but would really like some local, down to earth recommendations.

      Thanks in advance!

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      My first advice would be head to Over the Edge Sports. I had a great experience renting from them and they offer tons of advice. Second, the “H” trails Hangover, Hiline, and Hogs get all the press, but these trails are not for the faint of heart with some serious consequences if you screw up. A Beginner-Intermediate will not have fun on these trails. I would send you to Mescal-Chuckwagon area and Bell Rock.

      You’ve made a great choice – awesome scenery and a cool town.

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      I would also say Chuckwagon is a great intermediate trail, one of my favorite trails of all time, pretty much has everything I love about mountain biking.
      Mescal is right across the street and is also fantastic, honestly Sedona has some of the best riding in the Southwest and those two trails are a great place to start!

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      Related question, has anyone used a shuttle service out there? I want to check it out and can ride any trail but if I bring the wife and kid I can’t spend all day riding. Plus I have no moral issues with eliminating the climbs.

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      Here ya go….directly from Over the Edge & Osprey packs.

      There’s not really a legitimate “shuttle” ride per se in Sedona. However, depending on where you’re staying, you can ride on the road to most of the TH’s as well.


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      If you can pull off a shuttle run, piece together Schnebly Hill and Munds Wagon Trails.  They make for 13 miles of DH fun, fun, fun. They are both listed as advanced trails, but they were one of the first trails I ever rode, so they can’t be that technical.  I don’t remember getting off my bike, but maybe I did. What I do remember was having a blast.

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      I second the Chuckwagon recommendation.  Great trail, a genuine Sedona experience, and quite ridable for a lower intermediate or better rider.

      You can also make a nice loop out of the Bell Rock and Llama trails, but Bell gets a lot of hikers.

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      Thanks for suggestions, it would be cool to hear what the OP ended up riding.

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      Thanks for your suggestions everyone! I really appreciate it. My wife and I ended up starting out the day on Bell Rock. The trail was decent enough but we ran into a ton of hikers in that area. We then headed up towards the Chuckwagon area and found it crowded as well. Bear in mind we were most likely in peak season with really great October weather.

      Unwilling to be deterred we headed down towards the west side of the Chuckwagon area and hit trails like Girdner, Arizona Cypress, Rupp, etc. and had a fantastic time. Absolutely wonderful trails and scenery. We only ran into a handful of other really friendly bikers along this route which made our day.

      Thanks again for your recommendations! We had a blast!!


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        Thanks for the report.  Glad you enjoyed it!

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      Girdner - Sedona, Arizona

      A shot from Girdner. Breathtaking scenery! Great riding!

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      Get on down the road to Prescott AZ


      great trails as well

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