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      I bought a new seatpost for my GF Marlin, and I’m having a problem with my seat slowly lowering during rides. It’s the same diameter as the stock, so I know that’s not the problem. I’m also cranking the seatpost clamp down as tight as I can. I’m not sure what else I can do. Any tips, or is there something that might be causing it that I’m not thinking of? Thanks for any help!

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      I had the same problem with my seat post when I bought my stumpjumper,although,after I tightened up my seat post collar,it fixed the problem.
      The only thing I can think of is that there might be too much grease on the post if you greased it to keep corrosion out.Or,do you have a quick release seat post collar?I think that a bolt on collar will hold a little better than a quick realease collar.

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      I was having the smae problem. No matter how tight I made it, it still creeped down after a ride. A little chalk on the seat post, and it hasn’t moved since.

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      I got to thinking about when I first got my stumpjumper and remembered that even tightening it didnt help the situation completely at first.After awhile it just stopped sliding down while riding,I think the seat post just needs to build up a little bit of cohesiveness between the seat post,grease,and seat post tube so it does not slide down on ya.

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      Thanks for the help steve & dusty. When I switched it out, I didn’t put any grease or anything on the new one, so it’s not that. I just got done with a little road cruise on it, and it didn’t seem to move as bad. I might give the chalk thing a try and see how that works. Thanks again.

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      That was my worry at first too. But at least once a week I have to take the post out and clean the sand out after washing the bike. I still put a very thin coat of grease on it, seems to keep it from squeaking. I’m not so sure I would put chalk on it and just leave it unless I planned on never lowering the seat again….

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      had the same problem with an after market post i bought, same size as stock but just kept sliding down. i fixed it using a small shim made from a beer can 😉

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