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      I have done some searches on this topic, but really haven’t found the answer I’m looking for. I ride a Trek Superfly 5 hardtail I love, but I have never been able to get the seat dialed in. First it creaked pretty bad and slipped a little on hard rides. I started greasing it and the creaking stopped, but the slipping was worse. I upgraded the seat post clamp to a salsa and cleaned the post. The creaking was gone, but it still slipped a little, though not as bad as before. The guys at the shop where I bought the bike advised I put some carbon paste on the post, and did it for me. Now the slipping is gone, but it creaks like crazy which really bugs me when I’m on a quiet ride in the woods.

      I guess the next step here is a new post. I did some searches to find out there are a whole lot of new posts out there, but couldn’t really determine which is the best as far as strength, weight, and won’t slip or creak. I have been looking at the Thomson and precision x-lite because both have the etched grooves on them for slipping.

      So guys, what is the best post that is light, strong, and won’t slip or creak.


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      My favorites are Thompson. They’re not lightest or cheapest, but IMO are the most bulletproof post on the market.

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      Thomson all the way. I had the same problem on my hard tail since I put a thomson on it never once has it moved or creeked. I put a thomson dropper on my stumpy and it’s just as solid and well built.

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      I need a longer seatpost, but am not necessarily looking for top of the line. The seatpost that came with my Diamondback is 30.9 x 350, but I am 6’8" tall and need something that will allow me to straighten my legs more when pedaling. Any suggestions?

      Thanks in advance!

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      You can try this Thompson setback seat post. It pushes you back a bit as well as giving you an additional 60mm of height if you get the 410mm version. It’s the first thing my brother buys when he gets a new bike.

      Although it may be impossible at 6-8, you want to try to make up most of the distance with your frame so you don’t end up breaking the downtube on the frame due to the added forces of a longer seat post.

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