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      Sea Otter Classic, is held at Laguna Seca Weathertech  raceway  in Monterey CA. Weathertech is a financial supporter of the Laura Ingram Angle show on FOX news in the United States.  Ms Ingram is indignant that racists are being censored from social media. Our community is about the joy of riding mountain bikes. And our community welcomes everyone as it should. I’m white, but I would like to see more  riders of of every gender nationality and color enjoy our the sport. More support means more trails. More support means more stoke. Contact the the manufacturer of your bike and it’s components and tell them you want to ride with everyone. Weathertech’s support of racist hate doesn’t reflect our values. Move the Venue!

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      Keep your politics off my trail!!!

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      This is why you should wear a helmet ladies and gentlemen, so crap like this won’t come out of your mouth, take your politics someplace else please!

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      I really enjoy my racist cargo liner. It segregates the dirt and water from my carpet!

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      Don’t listen to the haters Truculent.  I appreciate the heads up and I have no desire to support Laura Ingrams White Power Hour.  Do you have a suggestion for a Weathertech alternative?  Husky Liners maybe?

      The full list of companies keeping her brand of racism on air

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      you disagree with someone’s beliefs and then you resort to just calling them racists but you will not back that up with facts.


      Stick to to talking about mountain bikes


      I’m just glad weather tech is willing to sponsor bicycle events.  We are very fortunate for their support of this industry.

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      Stick to to talking about mountain bikes

      +1.  And that is not meant to agree or disagree with the OP.  Just don’t think this is the venue for it.  What’s so great about MTB’ing is that it offers a reprieve from everyday stress and political BS.  There are PLENTY of other forums for sharing views on politics.  Let’s keep Singletracks apolitical … unless we’re talking about opening access to new trails or protecting access to others 😉

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      Racism is not strictly political unless you assume one party is pro-equality and the other pro-white nationalism.

      Laura Ingraham’s long history of reciting white nationalist talking points is well documented.

      Is Sea Otter about mountain biking?  Then yes, it’s sponsors are a valid topic for a mountain biking forum.  In the specific case of Sea Otter being at Laguna Seca I’m not sure that’s totally relevant.  Weathertech does not own the facility and doesn’t get revenue from it’s activities.  They just have naming rights.  Not buying their products would be more relevant.




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        Calling someone racist because they have different views than your ideas is political.

        This site is about riding not your personal political beliefs!

        Keep your political attack comments on the news forums with all the other angry people.

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        Well documented.   Please.


        Thats total bs.   Stick to mountain bikes and trail access, etc



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      Just to be clear, Weathertech doesn’t sponsor/support mountain biking directly. They just have naming rights for the Laguna Seca Raceway where Sea Otter is held (one event out of dozens each year, most of which involve auto racing). As far as I can tell there are at least a couple degrees of separation between MTB and a potentially offensive personality, so take that as you will.

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      In addition to being an inappropriate topic, that’s like six degrees of Kevin Bacon.  You can probably find a connection that attenuated between everything and everyone and some more virulent racist than Laura IngrAHam.

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      You can probably find a connection that attenuated between everything and everyone

      My point exactly!

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      Truculent has only one post and is probably a troll.  Send em packing!

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