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      Hi there 😎 I have a Schwinn Frontier FS (front suspension) that is in good shape (just got it back from the LBS it came from; they tuned it up for me) and is a year 2000 model. I’m tall, as in six-foot-six tall. I weigh 200 lbs and I have a lot of leg–I wear 36X40 Wranglers. The guy at the shop said that my bike had a too-small frame for me, but I love it and seem to be comfortable on it. A neighbor has a Diamondback Outlook (2006, I believe) that a local store has for $100. MSRP is $300, but the store that has them is a damaged-goods store, and they probably bought a truckload of them for $500 because a few on the back were damaged. The ones like he has a perfect, however. They seem to be taller than my Schwinn, and I’m just wondering for that money, should I get one? Better, worse? I don’t want to go worse, because I don’t have much cash. Thanks a ton for any insight or help, fellas! 😃 EDIT-I didn’t mean to put this in the beginner forum! I meant to put it the Bikes, Bike Frames & Bike Builds forum. Sorry about that–move it if you can and want to.

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      I would suggest that you save your money if you feel comfortable on your current bike as I would not consider the DB to be any real step "up" in quality.

      If you’re in need of ultra-cheap, also keep an eye on your local craigslist, shoppers and thrift stores. I’m pretty sure you’ve already been given a heads up on Airborne, so I’ll not go through it again 😀

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      The reason I thought of buying one is because the frame on my Schwinn is one of the smallest you could get it in, I think. That’s what the guy at the shop said, anyhow. My neighbor’s Outlook seems to have a bigger frame, and I thought maybe that’d be better? I though about CL too-nothing much better than what I’ve got now on there at the moment, but maybe later 😎

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      I was simply going by your statement that your current bike felt comfortable. If you don’t feel cramped on the bike and it’s comfortable for you, it doesn’t matter what size the frame is.

      If it does feel cramped then $100 is a fantastic deal for getting a bike that fits you better.

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      Well…the thing was…I didn’t know the bike was small for me until that guy told me so 😄 Then I thought "well, he should know" and then it wasn’t as comfy as it had been. 😄 So maybe it’s just a mental thing, but I will ride one of the others and see if I like it better. I guess most of what I asked the question for was to see if they were as good of quality as what I already have, because it could fit me better, and if the quality was good I’d go for it. I appreciate your help Schwim!

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      Just cause because you are [i:1l5dx66t]X [/i:1l5dx66t]tall that doesn’t mean you should have [i:1l5dx66t]X [/i:1l5dx66t]sized frame. if it is comfortable and rides well then i’d stick with it. If you’re just looking for a new bike i’d save up and get a real step up in quality. Lots of nice deals can be found on Craigslist in most areas.

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      Alright! I guess I will anyway…store was just sold out. I ordered a Schwinn bike computer, new grips, a water bottle and holder, and a tire repair kit yesterday. Just as well make my good old Schwinn more comfy and safe until that good deal comes along… 😎 Thanks.

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