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      Where is it and how’d you get it? Photos are ok, but please just post photos of scars, not fresh injuries. That stuff grosses me out. 🙂

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      For all the bad choices I’ve made and how poorly I ride, I’m shockingly devoid of any real external markings from riding a bike. Internally, I’m a complete mess, but it’s hidden well until I try to ride… or walk… or get up out of a chair… or bed in the morning….

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      Like Schwim, I don’t scar well. Once when I was younger, I sliced open my hand making a 1 1/2  inch wide cut. Since we were out in the middle of nowhere my dad got out all the little pebbles that had gotten caught in between the different layers of flesh by taking tweezers and pulling them out.  All that remains is a little, faint, bluish line where the cut was. The worst scar I got on bike (that is still there) was made when I landed a jump heavy on the front wheel, flipped over the handlebars, and landed on a giant rock. The scar near my elbow from that deep cut is still there.

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      My best is the slash across my left knee.  I went over the bars in a steep rock garden and nailed my kneecap on jagged rock, cutting it to the bone.  While I was at the doctor to get stitched up,  the nurse asked the doctor “what’s that white thing?” the doctor replied that it was the kneecap.  They could also see the tendon.  I got lucky on that one that the damage was only a bad cut!

      It was pretty funny riding out on it.  I was about 5 miles in on a trail that runs through a popular camping area and could only ride back to the trail head.  I tried to butterfly the gash, which didn’t work, I used a roll of gauze I carry to cover it up, which didn’t work out well either and had blood all down my leg (sweating made it look much worse…).  I was getting great looks from all of the hikers on the trail wondering what happened to that crazy fool on the bike!

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      Dude gar, that sounds terrible–glad you made it back without bleeding out.

      All my scars are on my shins. Seems like I’ve found half a dozen ways to slice my shins with my pedals. 🙂

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      Well, if I can’t post fresh, bloody, filthy, road rashed, rock embedded, dirt laced, flesh torn potential scars then forget it. I have sooooo many!


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      Ate it at the end of August and broke my collarbone. I didn’t get the scar from that, but after surgery I now have a 6 inch scar, with 6 screws holding a plate and my collarbone together. That one hurt!

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      It seems that I have scars all over the place, yet no single story stands out. However, people sometimes do look at me strangely when they see my knees, shins, and forearms, and think that I have some sort of odd-shaped tan going. Nope, all that discoloration is just 26 years of scars, layered one on top of the other, in various stages of healing.

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      I’ve still got a good chunk of rash on my right arm from a wipe out earlier this summer. I was coming down a hill and washed out and came VERY close to landing on a fallen tree rather than the leaves and bushes next to it. The arm hit the tree and put a solid line across it and some bark rash…. that still looks pretty awesome right now.

      “Bones heal and chicks dig scars.”

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      Like most of the other people here I have numerous scars but one that seems especially ironic is this. One day I was at my local trail which at the time I was doing 5-6 times a week in the evenings. I had set a personal best that day had a great ride then in the parking lot I somehow managed to skid out on some loose gravel in a celebration tail whip and slice a nice 4 inch scar in my leg.

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