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      Went back to Santos for the first time in about ten years today…thought I’d share my impressions from that perspective.
      The improvements, obviously–the paved parking, parking on TOS, obstacle playground…all awesome. All my old favorite trails were there, but I’ve lost the skills to complete a lot of the other side stuff without losing my nerve. That was the other big shocker… the extent to which the freeriding area has been built up and the number of riders on long-travel bikes taking motorcross-type jumps. Really ballsy stuff going on in that section–it used to be that there wasn’t anything aside from a cliff that I couldn’t handle at Santos, now there’s a whole huge section that I’m not equipped for and don’t have the skills for. There a ton of cross country and technical still, too, though, so it was something to just see what some of these other riders got up to. Just amazing to see how much things have changed. Anyways, anyone interested already knows about Santos, I am still pumped from the great time I had out there today and thought I’d share. Oh, and I never did Spider Kingdom until today and it was a nice surprise–very pleasing.

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      Whats up chumps!! Santos is sooooo ridiculously sick, and of course, I am one of those spending a lot of time in the FR section (Vortex) and shredding all those red trails surrounding the Vortex. You have to get over to Nayl’s Trail in the Shangri-La Section on the west side of I-75 and Christmas Section (west side of the Land Bridge). I bit easier (intermediate), but a total blast to ride brother!

      Glad to hear you had a blast bro!


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      I used to go a lot around 2001 and took a long 8 year break and just recently started going back in the last couple years and was very nicely surprised by all the new ledge drops.The only thing I didn’t like was those 3 teeter-totters and the long skinny at the bottom of the cliff being removed and never rebuilt,haha.

      I’m ready for that 5 foot drop next time I go!!! 😼

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