Santa Cruz heckler overhaul..Have the right tools,,,

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      I recently acquired a santa cruz heckler off of a craigslist ad…first time i saw the ad he had it for 1200 then a week later about 450…I called him and met him and bought it…at first thinking I had gotten a good deal shimano deore xt components blackspire bash guard..deore xt clipless pedals hayes disc brakes fox vanilla front fork a progressive 2.5 shock on frame.(After a week he found out his bike was worn out everywhere he took it too)..well i bought it at lunch time at work and looked it over fast and now its mine….Where do I begin…first thing to go was the rear brake..Replaced with SLX ‘014 brakes…then the front derrailleur, once removing it i found a hornets nest growing in it..go figure the guy before just let this bike lay in the backyard like a wal mart bike they lost interest in…upon taking the chain off to replace it i noticed a clatter from the bottom bracket…oh sh** is all i could think…okay…i need a new bearing well..major project in order to take it apart me and my infinite wisdom..being a pipefitter pipewelder for 20 yrs..grab a pair of … and yes i did this..channellocks…and it worked fine on the non drive side..well i forgot the drive side has left hand threads..i worked in a bike shop back in 91 92 and have forgotten everything i knew…anyways i completely mangled the retainer on the outside..turning the wrong way with worst tool in the world for this.(If my boss at the bike shop caught me doing this he might kick my ass and then fire me)..i ordered a shimano bb socket but i was trying to get ahead and get this frame stripped down and taken down for powdercoating tommorrow..prob do an aqua or ford blue..but anyways…i mangled that nut took a chisel pounded on the outside folded it in together and somehow purely by miracle the threads came out undamaged…at one point i wanted to cry..another take it to a machine shop…bike shop…etc…if i had waited for that socket i wouldnt have risked destroying my frame..or having to get the bb retapped by a pro..i will however take it to a shop and have the bb and the head resurfaced before getting it powdered…everything on the bike is shot except the frame handle bars hopefully and the rims…everyting else is going back new or in good condition….I am putting an 014 SLX crankset.. 014 Slx shifters… 012 Xtr rear derrailleur, an 07 specialized e150 suspension fork recently getting serviced locally..the progressive is shot probobly go with a fox rc4…unless anyone else has recommendations. a cc db would be nice but at 600.00 maybe later.014 SLX pedals..some Continental Rain kings, blackspire red grips…….i still havent decided on a seat yet..last thing i do to it…I hope its worth it…and i ride it alot…before when everything was shot it rode half assed i guess for about 30 miles, so hopefully all this work will give me a bike worth having and put new life into a good frame…

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