Salsa Bucksaw with 140 lefty… 650b for summer?

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    Hey I just wanted to get some thoughts on the above question. I’m thinking of going this route food the summer. Any thoughts?

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    You may want to check with a Salsa dealer. I’m not sure what the change in the head tube angle would be switching from 100mm to 140mm of travel and from fat tires to 650, but it’s likely substantial. It could be enough of a change that it voids your warranty. Or at least makes your bike handle oddly.

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    Why not–I say go for it! Sounds like a good amount of travel and having a slightly larger wheel up front with larger travel works better than the reverse. Let us know how it goes…

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    Sorry to be so enthusiastic, I’ve calmed down now. đŸ™‚

    Aaron is right. Jumping from 100mm to 140mm is a big jump and might do weird stuff. If you could go with a 120mm fork and also a regular 26er fattie that might be more sensible.

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    Thx. I’m doing it!?


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