Salsa beargrease and spearfish Demo!

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      Hey everyone, so I got a last minute email from a lbs that Salsa was coming in yesterday (16th) with demos. So being in between jobs (there are always some advantages 😃) I was stoked to test out the new fatbike they have called beargrease. Quite frankly I never had ridden a fatbike so any type would’ve been cool but this was really cool. I can’t go through an actual review of the bike (because I only rode about an hour on it and I don’t really know all the technical aspects of what reviews go through) but I can certainly give you my overall impression.

      Firstly, riding this (and prob. any fatbike) is like riding a tank on 2 wheels. I mean you just feel like you can go over or through anything. The tires are 26" X 4" and that width is just narly. Additionally with such large tires you have a much lower PSI (mine was set up at about 15!) so the tires soak up quite a lot with their flex and give.

      On the road: Fun yet obviously not where this should be ridden. Due to largeness of tire I felt myself being swayed or jolted in the direction the tire wanted to go and not me (if that makes any sense).

      On the trail: Really nice. Goes over obstacles really easily and moves quite well in faster non tech sections. Climbing was good although I felt slipping at some points. This bike needs to be ridden a lot to really get a feel for all of its aspects and I sure this was more me than the bike.

      Feel of the bike: Honestly, as soon as I started riding I felt comfortable on this beast or bear 😆 My normal ride is 26er and the transition was not as awkward as one might think. I liked the set up of the handlebars; I nice comfortable/aggressive feel to it and well balanced.

      Cons: Hard to lift up the front end but I would say that its more of a getting used to factor than anything else. Also if you are looking to do jumps and that sort I think this would not be the right bike.

      Overall: If you want a trail bike to ride trails with tech sections such as rocks, roots, sand, anything loose or chunky, this bike can handle it well! I would say its an all mountain all purpose type of bike that can go anywhere except for the jumping, and tricks area.

      After the beargrease, I got to try the full suspension 29er spearfish.

      If the bear was a tank then the fish was a sports car. I thought it was so cool to fell such sharp contrast to these bikes. On the fish I also felt very comfortable right away and the first word that I thought of was SMOOTH.

      Suspension: Forgot the name of it but it had a neat 3 setting: lockout, trail(in the middle) and all out (ie- full
      suspension with no lockout at all)

      It was very nice and comfortable to ride; also very light and as opposed to the bear, very easy to lift up. Pedal efficiency was excellent and that is something that they were aiming at with this new design.

      Well that’s it. Now I just need lots of free cash. How expensive these toys are 😀 Thats why I love Demos!

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      Nice review. I never tried these bikes but would like to throw a leg over with fist opportunity. I have Pugsley and agree that it want to go straight on pavement. Could be a difference in geometry but I never had a problems lifting front or landing from 3-4 foot drop on mine. Also saw a guy on YouTube doing trial tricks on Necromancer.

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