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      My wife and I are heading to Salida Colorado right after Christmas and was wondering if I am stupid to bring my fatbike and my wife’s trail bike.  I was hoping the trails at lower elevations would be free of snow so we could get some riding in?   I am thinking that Arkansas hills and maybe parts of Methodist mountain trails would be still dry.

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      I’m pretty sure I’ve seen winter riding of Arkansas hills and Methodist mountain on youtube and snow was minimal.  I’d call Absolute bikes in Salida and see what they think….or maybe Greg Heil will chime in since that’s his stomping ground.

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      Good idea on calling the local shops there!  I know there are no guarantees but would like to avoid dragging our bikes all the way there for nothing.  Thanks

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      Unless something big changes, our mountain biking has been about 10x better than the skiing so far this winter. So DEFINITELY bring the bike. And even if you’re doing a mostly skiing trip, usually there’s some good MTB to be had. But it does depend on how the storms set up… occasionally we do get snow down low (like an inch last night), but it usually melts quickly.

      Check this page for the latest conditions:

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      Thanks a lot Greg.  I hope to get a few days of riding in!

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