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      From last nights ride at our local trail,here are pics of what happens to a cheap single wall Wal-Mart rim when loose sand grabs it and it folds under.Right after a 1 foot drop,the trail curves to the right and it’s tricky during the day and for even trying it at night it was a great job…even landed it but trying to steer back onto the trail is where it all went wrong.

      I didn’t want to further hijack INDIANADAVE’s thread about his department store bike but here is an excerpt from that thread better telling what happened…

      SaiyanFury- "In an interesting development, me and GALAXY went riding at the Rock in Gainesville around midnight tonight. There’s a 1 foot drop near the end of the trail that until today I’ve never attempted. Well, today I got up the balls to try it. I did the drop just fine according to GALAXY, but when I landed for some reason or another my front tire got stopped a half second after I landed and I went over the handlebar. No injury to me personally, I looked back at my bike and realised that I had banana-d my front tire. Here comes the interesting part. In my 31 years on God’s green Earth, I have not once bent a single tire on any bike I’ve ridden. Earlier today I went in to Gator Cycle in Gainesville to have my new wheels built with dual-walled rims. Then today, the very same day I bring my rims and hubs to the store to have new wheels built, I bend my rim for the first time. God certainly has an interesting sense of humour. 😛"

      Same day…not even 6 hours after you took your wheels to get built that one goes,haha.




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      What’s funny is I’ve hit roots and logs at high speed and the rims were perfectly straight up until last night. It must’ve taken a fair amount of force to screw the rim that badly. Me and GALAXY are still scratching our heads about what exactly made my wheel stop and throw me over the bars.

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      Thanks CP, my new rims are Mavic XM117s. Not exactly high end, but dual walled and ordering off of JensonUSA, they’re extremely popular. They couldn’t even send me my second rim because they were sold out. They’re dual-walled so I’m hoping they’ll serve my riding needs. Lord knows those Walmart rims held out perfectly with my riding habits and I don’t plan on dropping anything over a few feet. I simply don’t have the balls for it, my instinct of self-preservation is far too strong. I would’ve got something higher end, but my hubs are 36H and there’s not a huge market for wheels with that many spokes, at least not on Jenson.

      On your point of free rotation, it makes sense now. If loose dirt reversed my front wheel’s rotation upon landing or shortly thereafter when I have heavy momentum moving forward with my body weight, it would throw me over the bars and banana my wheel. Shyte, it must have been some strong force to do that to it if I’ve hit logs and roots hard and fast and the rim remained straight. At least my brake disc is good, I’d hate for that to happen considering, the my brake is 170 MSRP (though I scored it for 70). Thanks for that insight, CP that actually does clarify the mystery of why I went over the bars. 😃

      I was just thinking of the physics involved and actually loose dirt seems to be the answer to the problem. I was riding at a high speed. I came off the drop fast, and loose dirt acting like a brake on my wheel, combined with gravity, my body weight plus the weight of the bike, combined with momentum and inertia, there’s a lot of force involved. The dirt stopped my wheel, all that force moving forward easily threw my weight forward over the bars. All that force on the front wheel stopped by loose dirt would easily bend the rim. Thanks for clearing that up for me, CP. It’s appreciated. 😀

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      For some reason, I’m craving Mexican. 😆 Hehe, you did a number on that wheel. I hope your new ones hold up OK.
      Seems like with mountain biking you are always wearing something out, sometimes slowly and sometimes – suddenly. Just part of the $$game$$, doing your part to help the economy. 😆

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      Yep, I recently did the same thing with an Easton XC Two 29er wheel. Going downhill, medium speed, got the wheel turned sideways. With all that momentum behind it, even the sturdiest wheel will buckle. In my case it was total user error – not the wheel’s fault at all.

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      Thanks for the feedback boys, it’s appreciated. CP, I look forward to meeting you should my ass ever get out of bed early enough. I’m almost happy to resign myself to night riding, I’ve become so addicted to it. I just scored a new Stella 200L helmet light so I can even stay out longer after the sun goes down. I’m an insomniac so sleeping during regular hours doesn’t afford me a good night’s sleep. My wife ordered me some Benadryl so I’m gonna start on a regimen of that to move me a bit more on a day schedule. Hey, maybe we can even slide around Santos a bit!

      Also, I got the call from Gator today, my new wheels are finished so tomorrow I’m gonna go pick em up and GALAXY’ll start parting on my new derailleurs, crankset, and chain. Should be fun!

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      Yeah,no heat strokes man…so uh,better start headin up this way,haha.I’ve been wanting to break out the tent once more before it gets too hot at night to sleep but that time is long gone so I’ll suffer whenever. 😆

      We got the new front wheel on but I wasn’t paying attention and reversed the tread,gotta turn that around and get started on the drivetrain so aside from the seatpost and frame,it will have nothing to do with Wal-Mart after this weekend.

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      Honestly, I can’t wait to change out that horrible shifter/brake pod and get my new Deore XT shifter and new brake on as well. Plus the new crank should feel awesomeness as well. This really isn’t the same bike as the one I bought last summer. It ain’t a Snare anymore. It’s my Hayabusa baby. 😛

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      Wow, that’s intense! I’ve tacoed wheels before but never that badly!

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