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      Where do you guys store your bikes? You know, a friend of mine used to do it in a garage but one day he notices there was not any bike there. He did not have cameras and it was just stolen. Now he is still trying to find a burglar. There is no success yet. I am thinking about having a security system on my house with motion detectors and cameras. I mean, I am not doing that just because I am worried about my bike, but also about the whole house and my kids. I was recommended to call Ajax company. Do you know anything about that one?

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      I store my bikes in a garage and I have never faced any problems with it. 3 door locks do their job perfectly

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      I keep mine in my house.  My shed is not secure enough for something valuable.  I have had a bike stolen (not from my house) and it was a significant emotional event.  I was pissed off for weeks and it occurred at a time I really could not afford to replace it.

      I did find this site , which allows you to register your bike.  I suppose the more people and police that are aware and use the site the more effective it will be so add your bikes and kick them a couple bucks (No, I am not affiliated other than having my bikes registered).  Also, if you are buying a used bike you should take reasonable action to make sure it is not stolen.  As much as we all want a good deal, we also want a better world to live in. Don’t encourage more theft by rewarding it.

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      I keep mine in my pole barn. It’s far enough off the road that I don’t have to worry. It’s locked and secure and a very rural area.  Keeping them there allows me to basically keep them in my “shop” where I work on them.

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      Hi there! I use Ajax. I do not have any other experience with security systems because this is my first house after I moved from my parents. Actually, I can recommend that company. I like they provide a 24 h support line for all their clients for free. They are not DIY products, but professional ones. So, everything connected to quality and customer service is on the top! By the way, if you are not sure, just call them, they will consult you for free. Maybe you do not need any of their devices and they will estimate the costs.

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      I store my bike just in the garage and fortunately I have never had any problems

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      You should probably install any of the professional security systems if you feel unsafe. Ajax is quite good I do not have a garage, but I have been using that system for a long time. I should say I have never experienced any troubles with that. You can explore their variety and choose the devices you’d like to have at home. I suppose motion sensors and cameras might be okay for garage security. But it will be almost useless to install a professional system for a garage only. If I were you, I would install other helpful items inside the house. They have reliable alarms, fire and flood detectors, and a nice pet controlling system

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