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      School me on saddles.

      My bikes have Selle Italia’s, and a few no-name saddles. I pretty much always ride with chamois padding shorts (MTB and Road), and don’t sit for entire rides anyway, so I guess I’m unaware of what a quality saddle will do for me. I see a lot of nice bikes spec’d with WTB Volt saddles. Will adding a Volt to one of my bikes change my life for the better??

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      Generally speaking, higher quality (and more expensive) saddles aren’t necessarily more comfortable–they’re just lighter or more durable. The key is to find a saddle that is the right shape for your sit bones. There is some difference in the padding materials as you go up in price but again, this is generally about durability and resilience (how long the padding keeps its shape.)

      Oh, and be sure to check which Volt these high-end bikes are specced with. The Volt Comp retails for just $39.95 while the Volt Carbon is a $249.95 saddle. Same shape, just different materials.

      How to Choose the Best Mountain Bike Saddle

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