Rubbing Sound Under Acceleration

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      Whenever I have to put more power in, whether it be to accelerate or go uphill, there is a metal on rubber sound coming from the rear end. At first I assumed that it was the kickstand rubbing the tire. Checked it. Wasn’t that. Then I thought that the brakes (linear pull) weren’t releasing properly. Disconnected the rear brake. Wasn’t that.

      It is definitely coming from the rear, not the BB, though I can’t figure out where. If I just pedal to maintain speed, or coast, there is no sound.

      Sorry if this is a stupid question, but what on earth is making this sound and how can I get rid of it?

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      Is the tire rubbing on the frame when you accelerate hard? It would be on the non-drive side.

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      I do not believe so. There seems to be plenty of clearance, and I don’t see it rubbing when I am riding. That said I am not exactly in the best position to see the tire rub the chainstay when I am accelerating. Any ideas for how to check that?

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      See if the paint is rubbing off, or if it’s clean and shiny there, you’ll be able to tell.

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      Why didn’t I think of that?

      No it is not rubbing off, and this sound is a few months old so I think it would have shown by now.

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      next, take the rear wheel off and cehck the axle hub closely…see if there is any play in it.

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