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      1. took my bike for a walk in two Medina county parks (Huffman and Austin Badger). Snow too deep and rutted. I did notice I could make progress if I was looking ahead and not worrying about where my front wheel was at any given moment.
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      I rode the neighborhood trails in the woods and dodged mud puddles on Friday.  They are good for distance rides.  Came out with almost 11 miles.   Saturday morning was alittle better since I hit a popular trail- Fountainhead trail in Virginia while it was still frozen.  Several other riders did the same and braved the cold.

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      Franklin Falls Dam – New Hampshire  on Groomed snow

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      Nothing still, but maybe by the end of this week, something will be doable.

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      Rode @ Allaire State Park (NJ) Saturday.  With the ground frozen conditions were excellent.

      (Pic of the pit area taken a couple of weeks ago)

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      With a couple more trails FINALLY opening up in North Texas, I was able to ride Northshore and Horseshoe.  Man, were those trails busy.  Trails here get their fair share of use when all 34 or so are open for the 7+ million of us here in the area.  But when only 4 are open,… yeah… it can get pretty busy on the trail.  ‘Rain’ is our new ‘four letter word’.

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      Fantasy Island, Tucson, Arizona. 72 degrees in the desert sun. This trail is mostly about leaning into the many curves in the trails, G out. Saguaro cactus forest, Sonoran Desert.

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      Road Demo last weekend near Santa Cruz, CA. Camped near by at New Brighton SB and got out early Sunday morning. Had a blast!

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      Rode Captain Jack’s, The Chutes and Stratton.  It was all pretty messy, but rideable.

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      Went for a ride with a co worker at Carpenters Loop. Most of the trail system was covered with snow drifts to deep to ride, but the 3 miles we did get to ride was great. I can’t believe how well my 2.6 Maxxis tires did. Looks like a storm is moving in, just in time to ruin the weekend. Come on SPRING!

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      Just a little Polar Vortex riding in the Wisconsin Northwoods at -15°. Demo bike from the Howl Adventure Center in Bayfield. Pretty cool groomed fat bike loop right outside the shop…

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