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      It was raining so I didn’t actually get to ride on dirt this weekend. But I did ride my bike to the local brewery to meet up with some MTB friends. 🙂

      Where did you ride? Pics or it didn’t happen! (Just kidding, but we want to see your pics.)

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      It’s still raining a lot, so Hanging Dog it is, since it’s impervious to wet weather. Stopping to explore some of the old logging road while riding makes for some welcome breaks.


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      Had an epic day….

      Took my son out to Rocky hill ranch and rode some great single track and then some jumps at Freeride


      Hope your trails dry up soon!

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      Sorry Jeff, no photos, =) and I only rode at Palmer Park here in COS a few times and once at Buffalo Creek.  Pretty ordinary for around here, but at least not all the trails are closed.  I need to get down to Canon City and Pueblo for something different.  But I have ridden over a 100 miles on trails for the new year thus far with 11 days to go in the month.  Great start to the year for me, especially after last year’s debacle. Here is to open trails and good health for all this year.

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      No ride this weekend 🙁

      Saturday – freeze/thaw in effect.   Trails way too mushy
      Sunday – rain

      Instead went to the HS track yesterday and punished myself with some speedwork for overindulging… lol.

      With this current arctic blast everything is now frozen for the next 2 days so I’m hoping to get out before the trails thaw Wednesday.

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      Chuck Lennon,  small fun packed trail network near De Leon SP in Florida.  Post ride feast at Essex House.

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      Me and my brother went to a local park called lake chabot. It had just rained so it was pretty muddy but nice and sunny.

      The view from the trail we were on.

      The view once we got down from the ridge to the lake.

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      I was on chauffeur duty for the family to Toronto so time to explore more of the Don Valley .

      Cold temps of feeling like -23c but down in the ravine it wasn’t  too bad as long as you kept moving .

      I followed some fresh fat tracks which took me to some new areas and even caught up to a fat tire old school rider with no electronics . We rode together for a bit and then I was on my way. Great ride 

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      We here in North Texas are still waiting for most trails to open (since August) due due too much unending rain, although we had 5 of our 34 or so open up.  So I got to ride Quanah Hill.  Woo Hoo!  Well, it wasn’t technically this “weekend”.  It was Monday, but since it was a holiday, I’ll count it as a part of the weekend.

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      Sorry, no pic’s. To much mud, slush, and ice for singletrack. However, I did ride my Gravelbike on some snowpacked gravel roads.

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      No pics here, either. But, I was able to squeeze in a solo flight at Markham Woods on Sunday morning. The woods are my church. So peaceful, with an event at a close by trail, I had the place nearly to myself, save the birds and the squirrels.

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      I did Sat and Sun at Alafia, the new Stardust trail is interesting. It starts with a healthy climb and then, narrow, tight turns, around steep drop offs.

      Not my video, but this is Stardust

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      Fat bike Brainard Lake area trails, just east of the divide, Boulder County CO!

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      Lowland South Carolina Bamboo forest trail.

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      tillie Fowler, jacksoJackso Florida


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