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      Got back yesterday from a 3 day trip to Boone and Wilkesboro, NC. Day 1 was traveling (about 5 hours from Richmond) and hitting up Rocky Knob Trails just outside of Boone. Unfortunately, a good chunk of trail was closed due to construction. The good news is there is a lot of cool trail on the way, including skills parks and downhill. We met a couple of guys from Trail Dynamics who gave us the down low and a personal guided tour of what they were working on.

      We rode what was open a few times just to get in some miles, and the downhill on the way out was so nice we did it twice. Day 2 and 3 were spent at the trails surrounding W. Kerr Scott Reservoir in Wilkesboro. More on that later.

      Below are some pics of the existing trails and some things to come. Still not sure why they call it Rocky Knob. 😀










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      Any word on when they think they will be done? Whats the total mileage gonna be and what is it as of now?

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      It sounded like a lot of it was really close. I think there are only 8-10 miles at the moment. I am not sure how much is being added now, but I get the impression it is definitely a work in progress with more to come. You can get updates and a trail map here:

      In and of itself probably not a destination trail yet, but combined with the trails of W. Kerr Scott Reservoir up the road, it is definitely worth a trip.

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      The uppermost trails wont be done for a while yet, however,
      They are just finishing up two new trails and two skills areas. The skills areas look very impressive thus far. Professionally built bridges, drops, logs, skinnys and other obstacles. They are currently aiming these recent new features to be open for a "Rocky Knob Fest" at the end of April. I think this should add about 4 miles of trail to the mountain, which will give about 6 – 6.5 miles total of open trails. Not the longest trail system around certainly, but they’ve packed alot into what’s there.
      No real beginner trails, and some extremely rocky climbs and descents as you can see in the pics above. Good stuff. I live in Boone, so Im pretty ecstatic to have all this just a few minutes away.

      A few new pics and more info can be found here:

      Nice pics btw!

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      Be sure to add these pictures to the trail listing when you get a chance 😉 … -park.html

      Great stuff!

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      Fleetwood, looks like SC Nickel country 😃

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      Those pics look pretty enticing. As a recent App State grad, I’ve been looking for a reason to go back up to Boone. Can’t wait to go ride. 💡

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      "CraigCreekRider" wrote

      Fleetwood, looks like SC Nickel country 😃

      Yeah, she had a good time…

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      New stuff is all open open now – Crazy fun. 3 skills areas, a tough 2.5 mile loop high on the mountain, and a jump / berm / pump downhill trail.
      The upper loops needs to get ridden in a bit, but its quite a descent.
      Im still working up the nerve for the bigger stuff in the advanced skills area. soon…

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      so whats the total mileage there now?

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      Total mileage is about 6 miles (not counting the skills areas). However, there are a few different ways to descend from the top of the lower knob (Middle Earth Trail). If you wanted to hit all the mileage, you’d have to climb the lower knob a second time, and you’d end up closer to 7 miles.

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      Since Gronckle’s last post (and thanks to his help), we’ve opened up the entire "Boat Rock Trail," which is 3.5 miles. Overall, RKP has over 7 miles of trails open and 3 dedicated skills areas. The most challenging (Ol’ Hoss Trail), which summits the property and adds an additional mile, will open very soon. If you have not been to RKP yet, get on it! 😀

      You can get a good idea of what the park is all about by browsing/clicking around on the interactive map.

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