Rockshox monarch debonair …stuck down

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      2018 bucksaw build starting with carbon XL frame and supplied 2018  rockshox  monarch Debonair .

      Assembly completed last week 50 miles in and rear shock is stuck down  .

      After a lot of research on line and you tube , I’ve popped it back out but climb mode does not work- according to posts from mechanics and owners of bikes with this piece its a common problem – even to a point someone leaving a bike store after just purchasing a bike get down the road on the way to a trail and it gets stuck down .

      Insufficient lubrication on the o rings and factory assembly- should have been a recall from all the brands they supply to, instead of taking a chance a letting a customer down and knowing about it- that some will fail

      Talking to Salsa  USA and the rockshox rep up here in Canada -there was a bad batch released  to the public but they are covered under warranty once you pay shipping 1 way  and wait the down time with no bike while the work is done .

      So after spending a lot of money on a complete carbon build , i have ordered a 2018 Fox (which i’ve always been a fan of after owning 6 on various bikes and never a problem ). I can’t trust a shock that may fail when i’m way out back where there’s no roads or support .  Once repaired I will keep it in the tool box just in case …………but i’m sure it will probably never be needed.

      Paul L

      ps   Bucksaw is an amazing bike – kudos to Salsa

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      Are you riding in sub freezing temps?  This can cause failure of shocks and forks due to o rings and seals contracting and allowing air to escape.  One reason why I don’t want to put a bluto on my fat bike cause I mainly use it in the winter.  Good luck.

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      Yes it was in real cold temps but the other failures through the USA were in warm areas .

      Before i got into fat bikes Irode my cannondale scalpel during winter and  the fox rp23 worked great for years

      My Wren fork as been fine also this year

      I’ll see with the fox ,it will hopefully work out and they do produce snowmobile shocks



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