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    Anyone upgrade their Rockshox fork with a Charger 2 damper?  Specifically, considering replacing the Motion Control damper in a 2018 Revelation (35mm stanchions) to the Charger 2.  Mainly looking for more small bump compliance.  As it is, the Revelation with Motion Control is actually a pretty good fork, just a little firm for my taste on the smaller stuff. Not sure if the Charger 2 would actually improve this or not.  Anyone have any insight?

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    From my own research it’s probably not worth it. I was just checking for a friends bike so I don’t have the hands on experience to form a real opinion though. I’m going with vorsprung for my own stuff. Small bump compliance can be improved with the adjustability you have already. In case you haven’t, make sure your sag is proper then you can mess with tokens. Tire pressure makes a big difference in perceived plushness on the small stuff as well.

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    Oh yeah… been playing with sag, sliding between 25% and 30%, and swapping tokens from 0 to 5.  Tire pressure is at minimum too.  Seems most small bump compliant at 30% and no tokens at the expense of potential bottom out.  Doesn’t really seem to set any lower up front, and no wallowing when braking at these settings.  Maybe I’m being too picky and it’s small bump handling is as good as it gets.

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    I’m not a serious enough or good enough rider for it to affect me much, but having come from motocross (years ago) I miss the forks with separate high and low speed adjustments. Without them being separate, it will always be a trade off between small bump (high speed) and bottoming (low speed) set up. I have a Lyrik on my bike, because it came with the package I could afford, and I am quite happy with it. But if I had the extra money to build from scratch, I would have opted for the Fox Factory 36. It has separate high and low speed adjustments.


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