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    So I’ve narrowed down my choice, simply based on availability and my budget, to RockShox 30 Gold RL 120 mm.   And I need to have QR 9 mm.

    So I’m looking for any reviews or first hand experience about this fork    I know it’s not the best one on the market, but I it’s all I’ll be able to afford to replace my SR Suntour XCR.     And I found a good deal(I think) on Ebay.




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    Going with the 120?  Cool, wish i would have as well.  I stuck to the 100.  Please give us reviews!!  Thanks.

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    I had rockshox 30 gold RL on my XC bike before I got the stumpjumper which I have now. This shock is a great shock that is priced well, and it covers all your needs. I had a 29er hardtail, and used this bike in many different places. For example, I took it to santa Cruz, and many other places which I took it to the limit. The lock out on this shock is good for when you are climbing, and locks out well, then gives you enough travel to enjoy the descents a bit more than the spring suntour that you had previously. I recommend it.


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