Rockhopper Expert vs Cube Reaction Pro. A beginner dilemma.

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      Hello Folks,

      I have a dilemma which most of you are familiar with. Please help 🙂

      I was first excited I could by an MTB for 650 euro or so, plenty of videos on YouTube to suggest brands and models. Then I watched more videos which say that not all bikes are the same, there is a difference of a coil fork vs an air fork. So I lifted my budget to 1000 euro and even chosen Specialized Rockhopper Elite as a combination of a brand name, colour and function (air fork). But then I saw the Cube Acid, which is same price but much better spec… The Cube colour is dull so I decided for Specialized Rockhopper Expert 2022 which is same spec but in beautiful green metallic, and a little more expensive through. Then I looked which Cube I can get for the same money as the Expert, and I came across Cube  Reaction Pro, which is again a better spec, and positioned for more advanced riding comparing to Rockhopper Expert. The colour of Reaction Pro is okay 🙂 So what should I do? I cannot keep increasing the budget to get same spec in Specialised 🙂 I have to stop and chose one! My main real question is, since all the 3 bikes have the same air fork, and similar other features, will Reaction Pro really outperform Rockhopper? I am not planning to compete in Red Bull events, but I want solid performance to get around forest and low mountain trails. In the past I had a BMW Dakar 650cc and I went full off-road with it with MX guys. Although I did it, I  realised that I will simply destroy the bike if I continue like this as it is too fragile for this kind of riding. Don’t want to have same sensation with Rockhopper Expert. Please tell me the truth!!! 🙂

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      I wouldn’t recommend a hardtail like the XC style Rockhopper.  I would be looking for a hardtail with more progressive geometry and 29×2.6 tires.  Here are some better trail bikes.

      Trek Roscoe

      Rocky Mountain Growler

      Specialized Fuse

      Salsa Timberjack

      You will have much more fun riding Trail/Enduro hardtails.

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